About Us

Luthier tools are now easy to find and cheaper than ever before!

Here are the most useful tools at the lowest prices!

Elmer Guitar is a tool manufacturer located in China specializing in luthier tools and guitar accessories. We use modern and precision production techniques and equipment  to produce the most popular and useful tools for instrument builders, repair shops and players. Our prices are more than competitive and we are able to supply both end users and resellers.

Some people have found that some goods made in China may not be up to the quality they expect but we guarantee the quality of our products and back this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can offer this because we have rigorous quality control inspections of all items before they placed in stock and again before they are shipped.

We have two ways of selling direct from our warehouse. - Wholesale and Retail.

For resellers we offer excellent discounts and the larger quantities you order the more you save thus increasing profits.

You can check other details by going to Wholesale and Retail.

We haven't forgotten our retail customers.

We believe our prices to be the best in the market for the quality tools we offer. We ship to most counties and your order can be shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment. To learn more go to Wholesale and Retail.

Thank you very much for reading this introduction to our business and we hope we will have a long and happy business relationship.

If you have any questions, please click the "chatting" button to chat with us, leave us a note or send an email to info@elmerguitar.com